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Topic: vincent van gogh
Subject: Music, Visual Arts and Film Studies
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The paper is on Vincent Van Gogh. Biographical sketch - This portion of the writing assignment should be comprised of biographical information of the artist of your choice from the textbook. * Length: At least 3 complete paragraphs but no less than 300 words - I already have one page on the early years, I just need 300 more words on lifetime accomplishments, famous art pieces, effects or impact on society, historical significance. Remember to put all of this information into your own words! The sources need to be NOT DIGITAL. They have to come from books.


Von Gogh was born in Groot-zundert, Netherlands, in the year 1853. His major accomplishments were his prized paintings. He inherited these artistic abilities from his mother, who was a very talented artist. One of the things that Vincent Von Gogh wanted to accomplish was to become an artist and making his art famous. Vincent Von Gogh started to paint his feelings since he wanted people to understand about his feelings. He made more than 150 paintings and drawings in one year. The painting was put in a museum of Modern Art. He also had a famous piece, and that how he accomplished to become an artist (Bronkhorst, 1995). The most famous art pieces include bedroom in arles, almond blossoms, a portrait of Dr.Gachet, the potato eaters, sunflowers, self-portrait with bandaged ear and the starry night,...
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