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Topic: explain how you will use the tips and recommendations to enhance your resume
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Depending on where you are in your educational journey, this week you will either read the article, Resume Tips for College Students (Links to an external site.)including some of the tips at the bottom of the article OR the article A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Post College Resume (Links to an external site.) AND explore the links such as, Job Outlook 2018: The Attributes Employers want to See on New College Graduates' Resumes (Links to an external site.) and others. In a one-page essay, explain how you will use the tips and recommendations to enhance your resume. Please include which articles you read in your essay.


Since a resume is a self-marketing tool, proper presentation of information is essential. For this reason, a lot of literature addressing how one can make his/her resume stand out exist. Authors often take varying angles, but the goal remains the same i.e., enabling the reader to present the most appropriate information to the targeted employer. This paper highlights how the tips presented in the articles ‘The Step-by-Step Guide to your Post-College Resume’ and ‘The Key Attributes Employers Seek on Students’ Resumes’ will be used in enhancing a resume....
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