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Topic: compare the two opposite types in terms of their activations
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This assignment is base on tv sponsors is two-part one is the matrix in which there is a chart and need to feel up to it four times with four different teams. There select two of the following three categories of sporting events to use as a basis for your matrices. attach four completed matrices Part 2: Evaluation (1–2 pages) For each category, compare the two opposite types in terms of their activations. What were the similarities? What were the differences? Did you see some of the same companies activating in each? If so, did they choose different types of activations depending on the type of event? Explain why you think the companies you identified have partnered with these particular sports and what audiences they are trying to reach. If you have any question you can just email me.


The most common method of activation used by the sponsoring firms in the different events was its display of their company’s logos. There were also electronic advertisements placed on the scoreboards to enable the entire audience to see the companies when they look at the scores of games when ongoing. The strategic activation was to ensure that the audience got a glimpse of the sponsoring firms, and the companies achieved their goals of targeting their intended clients. The college football game had Nike allowing the players to use their attires in the game as an activation strategy that marketed their products. ...
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