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Topic: analyze a human resource organizational problems
Subject: Business and Management
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You have been hired as a consultant (to your current organization, previous organization, or a fictional organization). Describe and analyze a human resource/organizational problem(s) and recommend an organizational development strategy (ies). Provide a rationale as to why you think this approach will help. This will require a practitioner analysis of the organizational problem of interest and an academic literature review of similar organizational problems and organizational development strategy (ies) that you believe will be most beneficial in solving the problem. Also, provide an evaluation plan for the proposed intervention(s). The plan should have the following headings: Problem Identification Description of the organization Context of the problem: How do you know it’s a problem? Specifically what is the problem (select from list below)? Turnover Job Satisfaction Diversity Performance Appraisals Downsizing Training & Development Needs Assessment and Diagnosis Data collection Data analysis Proposed Organization Development Interventions/Strategy(ies) Required resources Timeline Anticipated resistance Potential benefit(s), i.e. cost savings Suggested Evaluation Approach Summary/Conclusions This final assignment should be 8 to 10 pages in length (not including the title and reference pages). You must use at least five scholarly sources and format your paper according to APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.


Many business enterprises are currently facing several issues that oblige them to undergo specific transitions every time. In certain situations, the management can devise solutions to the problems and ensure their successful implementation. However, in most cases, the human resource management faces various issues and cannot effectively sustain a proper stream of work activities in the business. The ultimate repercussion of such a scenario can be threatening to the organization because the performance can end up declining in the long run. When such situations arise, either the internal or internal organizational consultants must take the initiative to examine the problems that thwart the organization’s progress, identify the best solutions that can be applied to resolve the issues and implement the best strategies for success. ...
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