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Topic: Work-Life Balance
Subject: Others
Paper type: Research Paper
Style: APA
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The purpose of this assignment is to have students explore and critically examine one of the course concepts, consider its implications for nursing, and apply this information to their own practice as new graduate nurses. Students will be required to demonstrate research, knowledge, analysis, and understanding of the concept beyond what has been presented by the instructor. This assignment also requires students to demonstrate proficiency in information literacy, critical thinking, and evidence- informed nursing practice.

This is an individual assignment and this paper will be submitted in Turnitin.

Preparation for the Paper

  • Review the assignment guidelines, rubric, and expectations.
  • Review the Grading Standards for the Paper (listed below & in the Program Handbook).
  • Examine the options for the paper and review the related course material and information posted

by the instructor. Seek clarification if unsure. You may only choose only one of the topics listed

below for this paper.

  • Research the databases, textbooks, professional websites, and internet for scholarly and non- scholarly information on your chosen topic. As one of the goals of this assignment is the ability to demonstrate information literacy«, therefore textbooks do NOT count towards the required scholarly resources in this paper.
  • (Suggested) Create a concept map to identity key information to include in your paper.

«How do I identify the best scholarly resources for my paper?
Peer-reviewed nursing journal (check the title)
Author or authors are nurses (check their credentials)
The article is longer than one page and has at least 5 references (check the end of the article) The article was published within the past 7 years

Topic options for the Paper

  • Transition Shock
  • Stages of Role Transition for New Nurse Graduates
  • New Nurse Graduate Transition Programs
  • Nurse Fatigue
  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Shift-work
  • Work-life Balance
  • Organizational Culture and Healthy Work Environments
  • Leadership and Followership
  • Role of the New Graduate New in Workplace Safety and Risk Management

Guidelines for the Paper

  • Cover page and reference page and college level APA writing and citing required.
  • Double spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font.
  • Headings are recommended but optional.
  • You may write in first person e.g. I chose this topic because I have experienced ...
  • Paper length can be up to five (5) pages, e.g. 4 3⁄4 pages, of content (not counting the cover and

reference page).

  • Supporting scholarly evidence - a minimum of four (4) scholarly articles (credible, appropriate,

relevant, current).

  • Supporting non-scholarly evidence - a minimum of two (2) non-scholarly evidences e.g. textbook,

website, newspaper, or blogs.
The paper must be submitted through Turnitin on Blackboard (email submissions will not be accepted).


Work-life balance entails the degree of satisfaction existing between a personnel’s employment and personal or family role. A positive work-life balance exists when individuals demonstrate satisfaction and productivity at work because of minimal conflict in their roles (Shivakumar & Pujar, 2016). The balance requires the management of workplace demands with the expectations from one’s personal life, friends, and family. Contemporary employees require adequate involvement and control of their responsibilities to manage personal life appropriately. ...
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