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Topic: What is the most important thing you learned in this class
Subject: Healthcare Sciences and Medicine
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 Due: 2 22 2020

Course/Subject: Healthcare Delivery in the United States


What is the most important thing you learned in this class?

COURSE DESCRIPTION: An introduction to the historical development, structure, and operation of major components of the American healthcare delivery system, this course reviews the evolution of the healthcare system’s features, the organization and delivery of healthcare services, health policy formulation, allocation of healthcare recourses, and the relation of healthcare costs to measurable benefits. Students will examine the structure of the U.S. healthcare delivery system through a cultural and historical lens which will allow them to gain perspective on how our healthcare system has evolved, and how our healthcare system my change in the future. 


How will you use that lesson to better your career?

Major: Health Care Administration. Will be an Administrator




The healthcare system in the United States has gone through drastic changes in the recent two generations and it continues to evolve day in day out. Various factors have contributed to the advancement in the healthcare systems which include, growth in the U.S population, improvement in the health service delivery technologies, increase in the reliance on drugs and the related pharmaceutical costs, the rising cost of insurance, higher malpractice of insurance organizations among others. ...
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