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Topic: What is necessary to successfully implement Six Sigma on a project basis
Subject: Healthcare Sciences and Medicine
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Assignment research topic:

Six Sigma is often upheld as the perfect solution to every efficiency/defect problem in operations.  What is necessary to successfully implement Six Sigma on a project basis and on a hospital-wide or system-wide basis? Should Six Sigma’s sole focus be to deliver financial results?  Should it be abandoned as part of the culture once a project doesn’t produce projected outcomes or if those outcomes cannot be sustained?

Please read the article attached and answer the questions above.



A healthcare organization should have appropriate applications for Six Sigma to be effective and for it to be maximized to its full potential. The DMAIC method would be useful when used along with the Six Sigma approach in an organization. The DMAIC method defines, measures, analyzes, improves, and controls problems in solving issues affecting healthcare. Statistical processes may not always apply to produce valid results. Using non-statistical methods would also help in making the tool effective (Liberatore, 2013). At the same time, the Six Sigma approach should be internalized and understood by health care professionals before they apply it. the Staff should be able to know how to use it and interpret the results to improve the processes. ...
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