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Topic: What is ethical hacking, What types of industries do ethical hackers come from
Subject: Computer Sciences and Information Technology
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Part one: Visit the links posted below and conduct open source research to answer the questions below: ( ( ( 1)What is ethical hacking? (2 marks) 2)What types of industries do ethical hackers come from? (2 marks) 3)What types of organizations utilize ethical hackers and why? What types of operations do hackers conduct to test an organization’s vulnerabilities? (4 marks) 4)Does it pay for companies to hire hackers? (cost/benefit ratio?) (2 marks) 5)Are there any negative aspects or moral concerns with ethical hacking? What about professional or legal concerns. (3 marks) 6)Are there any government of Canada agencies who help safeguard organizations or conduct vulnerability assessments or are ethical hackers predominately from the private sector? (2 marks) Utilize several online sources to augment your research and be sure to include in-text citations and a works cited page. Your questions should be answered fully and aim for your paper to contain 3-4 pages of text. INCLUDE IN-TEXT REFERENCES, AND REFERENCE PAGE


Ethical hacking that is also identified as penetration testing is a controversial act that involves locating weaknesses and vulnerabilities of computers as well as an information systems. The hackers do that by duplicating the intentions and activities of malicious hackers. In this regard, the ethical hacker applies their skills of hacking in pursuit of defense. They also do that on behalf of the owners of the information systems. While conducting these actions, ethical hackers need to answer the following basic questions (Norman, 2016). ...
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