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Topic: What are the pertinent pieces of information learned
Subject: Healthcare Sciences and Medicine
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Summary: Be concise yet informative. What are the pertinent pieces of information learned?Include sonographic apperances, pertinent lab values and patient history if applicable.


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It is compulsory to meticulously prepare ultrasound transducers in order to effectively protect patients from infections. However, the type of examination to be performed is the determinant of the level of preparation. Notably, despite the use of transducer covers, research shows that endocavitary transducers may be contaminated thus could carry pathogens if they are not properly disinfected. In addition, a significant number of these traducers are infected with human papillomavirus a routine high level disinfection is mandatory. The swabs that are often used in transabdominal and transvaginal transducers may also contain bacterial infection even after low level disinfection. ...
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