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Topic: What are the best practices for trauma treatment
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Short Answer Questions: Trauma Best Practices

Research is constantly being done in the field of trauma. As such, it is important to continually look at what the gold standard for treatment is and modify your practices accordingly.


Directions: Provide short answers of 150-250 words each for the following questions/statements. Do not exceed 250 words for your response. Include at least two to three peer-reviewed journal articles beyond the textbook and course readings in your responses.


1.      What are the best practices for trauma treatment (child, adolescent, and adult)? 





2.      How do they work and what is the estimated duration for treatment? 





3.      Look at the research and show how effective each therapy modality is. Make sure to include the date from peer-reviewed published articles.






The best practices for trauma treatment (child, adolescent, and adult) The detrimental effects of traumatic events cannot be underestimated. Theorists have come up with a plethora of theories to help mitigate the effects of trauma through various interventions. For instance, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Child –Parent Psychotherapy have been the most recommended practices of treat trauma for children, adolescents and adults. ...
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