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Topic: The price and prize of renewable energy
Subject: English & Literature
Style: Harvard
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Literature Review
You are required to develop a literature review using at least four peer reviewed articles or books relating to the topic:

The price and prize of renewable energy

This literature review will be submitted for assessment and form the basis of your presentation in your group presentation. This assignment (i.e Literature Review) is not a presentation of facts or summary of published literature. You will need to read the articles in depth to evaluate arguments presented and relate these to your learning. The literature review must address most of the concepts learned in this unit including identification and rational evaluation of argument, pattern of reasoning, evidence, assumptions, misuse or omission of critical information as well as consideration of alternative views and presentation of own views/thesis logically.

In addition to these, you may use a range of tips available from reputable sources such as academic institution libraries (e.g. (Links to an external site.) ) (Links to an external site.) to inform your writeup.

Word limit: 1500

Summary of Requirements for Literature Review

Weighting Percentage: 30%

Word Limit: 1500

Source of Information: At least four peer reviewed articles or books

use 12pt font
2.5 cm left margin
1.5 line spacing
leave a line between each paragraph
student number on each page
number each page
use Harvard method for referencing - more information can be found at


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