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Topic: The company being used is Ulta Beauty
Subject: Business and Management
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This a 5 part project. The company being used is Ulta Beauty I am attaching the other sections in case you need some of the same references 1. Core Process A. Explain the concept of a core process, including what it is, how it works, why it is important to monitor, how it linked with corporate’s strategy B. Describe one of your company’s core processes 2. Work Process A. Critique the four process strategies B. Describe a work processes, including an explanation of associated training, procedures and competencies C. Describe your chosen supporting work process D. Diagram the chosen supporting work process (systematic graphical depiction of the sequential steps and decision points in the work where input is transformed to output). Recommend as a single separate page in appendices). 3. Process Improvement A. Describe and explain the steps in process analysis and change B. Demonstrate use of a process improvement tool in the analysis of your work process


The core processes comprise specific activities conducted by the organization in an exemplary method to maintain or boost its competitiveness. It is mainly recognized as a business process that adds value to the primary output. Core processes work by influencing the value chain of an organization's manufacturing, delivery, or marketing channels, thereby conferring value to the final service or product (Cardoso & van der Aalst, 2009). It is monitored to ensure that excellent and consistent service is delivered. The core process is linked to the corporate strategy of an organization in the sense that each organization has its unique process that leads to its success while differentiating from that of other organizations...
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