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Topic: The Middle Ages
Subject: Healthcare Sciences and Medicine
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After reading various topic resources and textbook chapters, summarize a historical ethical dilemma in public health. How may this relate to a current ethical dilemma? Were there any lessons learned from the historical event that can help public health nurses address the current ethical dilemma?

NOTE: Can you please answer the questions highlighted above? I would like to choose an ethical dilemma that has to do with helping the homeless, because I would like to become a public health nurse. I am writing a lot about helping the homeless in California that suffer from tuberculosis. The materials below were posted by the instructor and the book is the one we are using for this class. Also, can you please change the tittle of the paper with the ethical dilema chosen? Thank you

NOTE: I received a feedback from the instructor that I use too many words without content in the DQs. So please focus on answering the questions and provide examples when possible. Thank you 

Read "Fostering Nurses' Moral Agency and Moral Identity: The Importance of Moral Community," by Liaschenko and Peter, from Hastings Center Report(2016).

Read "Safeguarding the Public's Health: Ethical Nursing," by Rushton and Broome, from Hastings Center Report (2015).

Read "Laws & Regulations," from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (2010).


Read "Legislation, Regulations & Policies," from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2015).


Read "Specific Laws and Regulations Governing the Control of Communicable Diseases," from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2017).


Explore the Public Health Law Center at Mitchell Hamline School of Law website.



The central historical, ethical dilemma was that there was no “right to shelter” for people in the 1970s. As a result, homeless people were neglected and ignored as cities were not mandated to provide shelter for them. The temporary emergency shelters during winter were not enough for the homeless as many of them remained in the streets (Why are so many people homeless). Addressing the health of the homeless has been faced with numerous ethical challenges over the years. Health care for the homeless has been historically neglected and some of their rights may have been violated. Homeless people may refuse to receive certain medical interventions such as isolation either because of their limited information or due to inappropriate handling by public health officials (Widdershoven, van der Stel, & Molewijk, 2016). ...
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