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Topic: The Cuban Missile Crisis
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Write 1 page memo, follow APA guidelines, ( Review the two article The Cuban Missile Crisis and Easton's Authoritative Allocation of Values) and address the questions: (1) How did President Kennedy assess policy options> (2) Give some example of unintended foreign policy consequence.


The ultimate goal of the CIA was that Fidel Castro, the Cuban president would be overthrown (HERSHBERG, 1990). However, Kennedy decided to execute the plan later on. Kennedy tried eliminating Castro from Cuba using many methods including: economic embargo, exile raids and sabotage, operation Mongoose, assassination plots, and ouster from the OAS. The installation of the missiles into Cuba were largely motivated by Kennedy’s policies and Castro’s perception. Kennedy wanted to save face and to give the Soviets a way to back down, therefore, he decided on the naval quarantine as the best approach to the Cuban crisis (Giglio & Thompson, 1993). ...
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