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Topic: The City of Port Charles has two hospitals
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The City of Port Charles has two hospitals

The City of Port Charles has two hospitals. (Bayview Hospital and Lakeshore Hospital) Bayview Hospital has 4 ambulances and Lakeshore Hospital has 2 ambulances. Queueing theory (done outside of this problem)indicates that Bayview can be assigned up to 4.9 calls per hour and that Lakeshore can be assigned up to 1.5 calls per hour. Port Charles has been divided into 12 districts. The travel time per call in each district and the average number of calls per hour emanating from each district are given in table to the left.
The objective is to minimize the average travel time needed to respond to a call. Determine the proper assignment of districts (NOT individual ambulances) to hospitals. A given district’s calls do not all have to be assigned to the same hospital. Since these are averages, fractional assignments are expected. Create the written model and formulate in solver. (written model can be a diagram if you wish)


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