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Topic: Summary of World War I event and explanation on how they led to World War II
Subject: History
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Style: MLA
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Choose one (1) of the following topics to research and write a MLA research paper Topics: 1. Make a time line of World War II. 2. Research the country of Transylvania. Include its location on a map of prewar Europe. 3. Name the Allies and Axis countries and their leaders. Summarize the political policies and philosophies of each. 4. Identify Adolph Hitler and his role in the Third Reich. 5. Trace the persecution of the Jewish people in Europe. 6. Research the Jewish faith. Include major beliefs and holy days. 7. Explain the beliefs and practices of the Hasidic Jews. Compare these to the beliefs and 1. practices of the Reform Jews. 8. Trace the origin and development of the Jewish nation. 9. Briefly explain the teachings of the Talmud, the Zohar and the cabbala. 10. Obtain information on the Holocaust from the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, or another source. 11. Describe any one of the concentration camps. Include a map with its location. 12. Describe the Occupation. Include the events that led up to it. 13. Describe the countries that made up pre-war Europe. Include the racial make-up of each. Draw a map to show the location of each country. 14. Discuss the involvement of the United States in World War II. 15. Summarize the events of World War I and explain how they led to World War II. 16. Explain the roles of the SS and the Gestapo. 17. Explain the significance of the Nobel Peace Prize. 18. Read and report on Elie Wiesel's continuing work for peace and human rights. 19. Explain how and where the surviving Jewish people resettled after the war.


Following the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914, World War 1 began. The assassination was conducted by a Serbian assassin; therefore, it was viewed as a strategy to split a section of the Southern slave hence joining it with Yugoslavia, thereby making it a political conspiracy. Austria-Hungary did not take the assassination of their leader lightly hence declaring war against Serbia. Moreover, the war became a fully-fledged war in Europe considering that various nations joined in support and solidarity with their allies. Countries including Belgium, Britain, Russia, and France supported Serbia while Germany was in support of Austria-Hungary....
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