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Topic: Space Debris
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This assignment requires that you write in a professional writing style (clearly, concisely and completely) in sentences and paragraphs.



Please pretend that you are the President of the United States and identify one issue that you would put priority in addressing when it comes to space.  Please justify your answer and explain why you would do this and how you would go about doing this.  We have looked at many various topics so far in this class and out of the various topics that we have considered, I would like you to pick one that you think should be the priority for the United States in going forward with space exploration. You can pick from any of the topics that we have addressed. Various examples of topics include the following: solar flares and the impact on current technology, promotion of commercial space tourism industry, space debris and how to solve that, impact of radiation on commercial airline operations, space being used as the new military front and a new type of space race, and how to solve various electronic problems or avionics problems when looking at long duration space missions such as to Mars. Your choices are not limited to these few that I have listed here, but these are just some of the big primary examples that came to my mind first when thinking back on what we have talked about.  


Please write about space debris.


Make sure that all APA formatting is followed correctly such as in examples. All references listed in your reference list need to be found somewhere in the post as a source at the end of the sentence to which it corresponds to.

All references should be able to be found somewhere in the assignment itself in the proper formatting. 




It has come to the state realization that many people do not recognize that dealing with space debris has become a national security issue. It is important to realize that space activities have a great impact on the geography of the earth and the hidden problem imposed by the debris is the militarization of space technologies that are designed to clean it up (Aglietti et al., 2010). Basically, space debris poses several and significant risks and these risks tend to endanger the chances of commercial, military and civilian missions and activities in outer space (Shan & Gill, 2020). ...
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