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Topic: Round table
Subject: Healthcare Sciences and Medicine
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For this assignment give a definition an explanation of the nursing theorist Nola J. Pender – and her Health Promotion Model . This should be in presentation format . Following the roundtable guidelines, the students will give an oral presentation which will include an introduction of the theorist, a definition and explanation of the theory, and an example of application to real-life nursing situations.


Nola J.Pender developed the Health Promotion Model in the year 1982. Pender was a professor emeritus of nursing and an author at the University of Michigan. In mid1970, Nola started studying the behavior of health promotion and published this model in 1982 (Khoshnood, Rayyani & Tirgari, 2018). The Model describes the critical function of nurses in aiding the patients to prevent diseases by bold alternatives and self-care. The model also indicates preventive health measures. ...
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