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Topic: Research two different codes of ethics for any two groups of healthcare professionals
Subject: Healthcare Sciences and Medicine
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•Research two different codes of ethics for any two groups of healthcare professionals. You can research groups, such as nurses, physicians, and allied health professionals. •Compare and contrast the codes of ethics. What are the major similarities between the two codes and what are the major differences? •Consider the issue of how to triage patients in times when hospitals are overwhelmed as a result of a disaster situation. Use the codes of ethics from each of your two selected groups to explain how the dilemma could be resolved while adhering to the group's codes of ethics.


The code of ethics provides professionals with the basic obligations that they should follow while continuing with their services to others. Most of the codes of ethics that govern the health profession have four main principles that they should follow regardless of the services they provide. Both nurses and dentists have the ethical principle of confidentiality that dictates that they should not disclose the information they get from their patients (Tluczek et al., 2019). More so, the principle of autonomy governs them. The two professionals are required to respect the autonomy of their patients whereby they should not decide for their patients....
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