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Topic: Relationship between modern communication technology and social change
Subject: Journalism and Mass Communication
Paper type: Admission Essay/Personal Statement
Style: APA
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Discuss the relationship between social media and the social change by giving clear examples from the Arab context/world.


Social media refers to an informative and social platform that consists of modern technologies, applications, and websites. In the entire world today, billions of people utilize social media, and the numbers are growing day in day out. Through social media, people connect online through the use of modern technology tools such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, among others. Social media has played a dynamic role in changing human interactions and societal dynamics in a great way. People nowadays apply social media in virtually every part of their lives be it personal interactions, modes of entertainment, work, and even studies. In Arab countries, there has been a dramatic shift in society, whereby most of the stereotypes have been demolished....
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