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Topic: Project by NYT and Nikole Hannah jones
Subject: History
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2 pages essay what is about it? Are you agree or disagree with her what is the histological background ? Are agree or disagree with the historians such as Victoria Bynum, James M. McPherson, James Oakes, Sean Wilenz, Gordon S. Wood the analysis of those critiques and what this debate reveals This is not a research paper so based your essay only in this info I need footnotes at least 3 on each page! So 6 at least


The 1619 project is an ongoing intellectual initiative that commenced in august 2019 and Nikole Hannah Jones is the lead researcher with the help of The New York Times Magazine. The project intends to restructure the events that took place during the 400 years since the beginning of slavery in America . By so doing, Hanna reframes the history of America by focusing on the consequences of slavery and the efforts of Black Americans; and how the two fit in the current narrative of the country . By reframing the nation’s history, Hanna weighs the options of regarding 1619 as America’s birth year and the move requires all citizens to remind themselves of who they are as a country. The project relates the contemporary American life like mass incarceration and rush-hour traffic to the roots of slavery and its aftermath. ...
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