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Topic: Police Use of Force Policy
Subject: Law
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Topic: Ineffective Law Enforcement (police) policies and practices as it relates to the use of physical force. Administrative evil that exist within police departments and individual officers. Discuss police culture and how this impacts the problem. The economic, social, and governance pressures that may lead to administrative evil as defined by Adams and Balfour (2015). The internal and external expectations of police. The internal and external stakeholders in the community and organization. Use real-world examples such as George Floyd, to illustrate problem and solution. Please use several real-world examples. Discuss the use of police choke holds and why they should be banned. Find examples of current changes within police tactics and practices.  Find different solutions to change policing. This assignment is based on the UNITED STATES ONLY.


Develop a proposed solution and implementation strategy

1.      Problem solution, long and short term.

2.      Justification: Research support - justify your solution based on material discussed in class, presented in the readings, or using outside research support.

3.      Argument: Organizational context - justify your solution based on the information you have collected from the organization, i.e., independent of the research support, what ‘hard’ report from the organization leads you to believe your solution will be appropriate?

4.      Implementation Strategy.  How do you plan to implement the proposed solution? What sustainability and resilience aspects do you recommend the organization/program adopts? Make sure you support your recommendations by drawing from research, including outside sources, and detail your plan to implement the proposed solution.

5.      Measurements and Reporting: How do you plan to measure outcomes?  How will the outcomes be tied to the budget of the organization?  Who will be the champions for specific outcomes and results, whether you decide to use indicators or targets? How will you report the implementation of activities and strategies?


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