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Topic: Please respond to one of the following two scenarios
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For this discussion board, please respond to one of the following two scenarios. Link your response back to your course readings and outside, peer reviewed sources. Your initial response should be a minimum of 350 words. and also include supportive references from scholarly sources. You may not use any direct quotes and your response should be supported by textbook and outside, peer reviewed sources (no websites, blogs, newspapers, or popular press articles). Remember to cite all references using APA format. Scenario 1: The new patient rooms at a hospital incorporated space for overnight visitors to promote social support for patients. Patients and visitors seemed happy with the new design. Soon, though, problems started coming to the attention of hospital administrators: rooms no longer appeared to be adequately cleaned, laundry staff was working overtime, and the parking lot was always full. The CEO put “two and two” together and realized that the expanded patient rooms affected more than just the patients and their families. As the project lead, what must you do upfront, to make sure your team understands potential implications of this design intervention BEFORE the new patient rooms are built? What resources would you need as a leader to ensure that you are successful with this task? Scenario 2: One of the patrons of the new wing of the children’s hospital wants to donate funds for a music room where children can play with instruments. The team has found evidence in a peer-reviewed journal that listening to certain kinds of music can reduce stress in patients. However, the music room will allow the children to both listen to and play all kinds of music. In line with an evidence-based design (EBD) approach, the interdisciplinary team is tasked with conducting research on how the music room will impact patient outcomes. First, they have to agree on the purpose and aims of the research. You have been assigned to lead this project. How will you build your team and what skill-set should they have? How will you go about assigning or delegating tasks? What leadership theory will you use to assist you in your task and why? How will you manage conflict on your team?


Getting individuals to act as members of a group is a vital step at having a functional team. As such, I will build my team from members who have similar interests. I will use a strategic system of leadership and management when creating the team. This first deals with identifying a certain skill set that all my team members have to have. I will choose members who have good time management skills and organizational awareness (Almost et al., 2016). These two skills will ensure members keep time and stick to the goal of identifying how the music room will impact patients. I will also look for members who have good communication and problem-solving skills (Almost et al., 2016). An interdisciplinary team that communicates well with each other has the potential to excel, especially if they are good at solving problems....
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