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Topic: Oral Aid Research Assignment
Subject: Healthcare Sciences and Medicine
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Oral Aid Research Assignment (Individual assignment)


The purpose of this assignment is to become familiar with an oral care aid that you do not use and were not aware that it exists in order to direct your clients and answer their questions about the product should you be asked.

This assignment is worth 8% of your overall grade.  Due week 5.

·         Visit a store or pharmacy that has a large selection of dental oral care aids or go online

·         Select an aid you are not familiar with

·         Take a photo or screenshot of the aid

·         Make note of the store name, location or website. 

·         Research the following and use as headings (use exact wording):

1.    Name of the product

2.    Manufacturer

3.    What is the product

4.    What specifically is it used for

5.    For whom or what client specific scenario/condition would this product be recommended

Once you have the above requirements, create a 1 page documents and include numbers 1 – 5 above as the titles of each paragraph to elaborate.  Directly after #1:  naming the product, include a photo/picture.

  Also include store name, location or website.

  • If you are referencing a website, record it like the following: I used the webpage on Oct. 16, 2020. Title: WWW user survey.  The URL is http://www.usersurvey.www/webpages  (just an example)

·         If you are quoting something word for word, record it with double quotations and indicate where you retrieved it in brackets after the quote.  For example, (Ballenger, 2020, http://www.xxxx)

·         Include your name at the top right hand side of the 1 page document.

·         Must be typed

·         See rubric on DC connect for this assignment.  Look under the Activities tab



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