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Topic: Monster Beverage Corporation is the company to be used
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Objective of Assignment

The purpose of this project is for you to create a sponsorship portfolio analysis for one company that is an active corporate sponsor in the sports industry. The portfolio analysis will include a general overview of the company, a description of its sport sponsorship activities, and an evaluation of the overall sport sponsorship portfolio.

With a partner, you will prepare a detailed analysis of your selected company’s sport sponsorship portfolio, demonstrating your combined understanding of the company as well as topics in this course. Although you will work on this project with a partner, only one of you will submit the resulting PowerPoint presentation at the conclusion of the course.

The portfolio analysis will require you to conduct a significant amount of research. You will need to use the company’s website, Sports Business Journal articles, and other Internet sources that reference your work with the readings from the course text, SBJ, and academic journals/articles sponsorship portfolio. Remember that your PPT file must have 100 WORDS MINIMUM below each slide in the Notes section with references as part of the content of the project. References used for each slide should be listed after the text in each slide’s notes section. The final report should include the following: Monster Beverage corporation.


Section I: Overview

Title slide  

·      A general overview of the company that is being analyzed:

o   Company history and a description of the company’s products and services

o   The image the company tries to portray

o   How the company positions/brands itself in the marketplace

o   Primary competitors

o   The company’s target market

Section II: Analysis of Sponsorship Portfolio  

·      What sport/entertainment organizations do they sponsor?

·      What level of sponsor are they for each organization (e.g., title, official)?

·      How do they leverage the sponsorship (e.g., how do they use the inventory they receive, and in which sponsorship-themed promotional activities do they engage?)?


Monster Beverage Corporation is U.S based beverage company which sells energy drinks. Monster Beverage Corporation is based in Corona, California. The corporation is a holding company which implies that it can only conduct its business through its amalgamated subsidiaries (“Monster Beverage Corporation,” 2020). The corporation's subsidiaries market and distribute different types of energy drinks. The corporation is made up of recognized established brands such as monster energy, burns, nos, relentless, full throttle, predator, and reign (“Monster Beverage Corporation,”,2020). ...
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