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For this assignment you need to recall a conversation where you made a fact-inference confusion that caused you communication difficulty. Next, analyze the situation following the steps below. Often a significant conversation is easier to analyze. 1. First, describe in detail (well-developed paragraphs) the conversation and situation where you made a fact-inference confusion. A significant situation usually makes for a stronger analysis. Please do not choose a situation that sounds like the sample paper provided or a situation where you thought someone was expecting and they were not, they had just gained weight. 2. Second, identify the fact-inference confusion you made. Use Chapter Five concepts to describe what you did. 3. Third, describe the outcome of this confusion. How did it affect your relationship with the other person? How did it affect your future communication with the other person? 4. Fourth, describe what you could have done differently to prevent making this mistake. This should be the most well developed section of your paper and should demonstrate use of the concepts from Chapter Four. The inclusion of concepts from other chapters is a big plus


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