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Topic: Haves and Have Nots
Subject: Business and Management
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The article “Haves and Have nots” discusses the importance of continuing professional development (CPD) in the context of K-12 teachers. With reference to our text and any supplemental research you may choose to conduct, and your own professional experience, discuss the importance of CPD and whether organizations or individuals should bear the costs.


·         Haves and Have nots, Torres, C. (Dec, 2018).

Construct your article review using the format provided below: 

1.       Summary: The article should be summarized (using your own words) in one paragraph and focus on the author’s main points.

2.       Critique: In one paragraph, explain how the article influenced your understanding of the topic.

3.       Application: In one paragraph, discuss how you will apply what you have learned from the article.


Continuing professional development is imperative for the teachers as it helps in improving their practice through collaborating and learning from others outside the school environment (Torres, 2018). Professional development conferences provide the opportune moment for the teachers to get the exposure and connect with ideas that they may not be in a position to access in their routine teaching experiences. ...
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