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Topic: Has the Internet Destroyed Privacy
Subject: English & Literature
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Your proposal should generally consist of three parts: background information on your chosen topic (establish the conversation that is taking place), incorporation of main texts (what authors/texts will you rely on), and your clearly articulated thesis statement. -200-300 words -Written using MLA format -Should not include a Works Cited page -Should not use quotations -Should use the first and last names of main authors, along with titles of their works -Include a minimum of three sources (2 primary sources from Everything’s An Argument AND 1 secondary outside scholarly source)


The internet has been a great source of knowledge-based information, but despite these conveniences, this technology comes inevitably at the cost of one’s privacy. The government and corporations collect and store personal and financial records technologically. Daily activities and transactions are also recorded and stored, which was not the case before the emergence of the internet. This information is accumulated through mobile phones, web, and social media and carries a variable amount of data from consumers around the world (Baruh 1). It is through the internet that people and companies get to know information about other individuals since most of the data is retained. This paper targets at providing valid evidence that focus on showing the implications that the internet has on privacy. ...
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