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Topic: Grief and loss in a Japanese classroom
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This week in your learning materials, you watched the award-winning documentary video, Children Full of Life with homeroom teacher, Toshiro Kanamori. What did you see and learn about talking to children about grief and loss from this teacher and his fourth-grade class in the Japanese school?


From the documentary I watched, there consisted of a classroom full of enthusiastic children with a teacher ready to assist them attain their life goals. The teacher enjoys his work and the children love him too. The mood in the classroom was happy with laughter everywhere, however, the sad news shared by one of the students about his grandmother’s death clearly changed the mood in the class from a happy one to one filled with tears and sadness. The student was reading from his journal explaining to his fellow students where he had been the last four days that he was absent from class. This sad news made many students sad and sympathetic with him for his loss....
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