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Topic: Go to any Aerospace Company's web site and find three Colorado Based jobs
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Go to any Aerospace Company's web site and find three Colorado Based jobs that you find interesting. 


Note: for this class "aerospace" means space not aviation, so I want you to find jobs in the space industry located in CO.

I also want you to find job listings on the company's web site not a job search site.


In the space below:

1. Provide a brief description (Don’t just do a cut and paste the job description) and the URL for the job listing.

2. Explain why you find these jobs interesting. State a reason, don't just say 'it is interesting to me' or 'I have always wanted to do it'



Job Description • Responsible for owning, building and running satellite as well as processing space systems • To build a new Amazon Web Services • Make use of technology to establish and grow a new ecosystem • To provide a low cost, extremely reliable and low-cost infrastructure policy in the cloud that will bolster many businesses across the globe. • To build and sustain real-time and scalable data processing systems • Responsible for building space processing services that will be used by the government as well as commercial clients every week ...
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