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Topic: Four phases of emergency management during a disaster
Subject: Healthcare Sciences and Medicine
Paper type: Coursework/Capstone Project
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Review the four phases of emergency management during a disaster and explain the concept of resilience of the public health nurse in this process. 

Hello, can you please answer the questions of the DQ above? I reside in Los Angeles County in California. This is a public health class in nursing. The book below is the one we are using. I understand you guys have access to it. Please don’t omit any of the questions. Thank you

NOTE: below are the objectives for this week’s assignments.

Improving Quality and Population Health 


1.     Examine the unique role of the public health nurse in emergency preparedness and response.

2.     Describe the four phases of emergency management during a disaster.

3.     Explain the concept of resilience in public health nursing. 

Read "Building a Culture of Health," from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (n.d.).


Read "Global Public Health," from Johnson and Johnson (2018).



Read "Bending the Cost Curve and Improving Quality of Care in America’s Poorest City," by Miller, Cunningham, and Ali, from Population Health Management (2013).


Read "Using Prevention and Measurement to Drive Quality Improvement," by Smiley, from Journal of Dental Hygiene (2015).


Read Chapters 16, 17, and 18 in Public Health Nursing: Practicing Population-Based Care.


Public health nurses occupy a critical role in planning, community education and direct care to effectively tackle and respond to medical emergencies during a disaster. Nurses serve as inter-professional links between institutions attending to a disaster. Proper hazard identification and need characterization for affected groups are among the competencies implemented by nurses responding to a disaster. According to Smiley (2015), these activities are aimed at improving health outcomes and promoting care for vulnerable populations such as women and children. Through their communication competencies, nurses ensure that critical steps are effectively managed across the team, and proper response to affected groups...
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