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Topic: Facing Truths
Subject: Marketing
Paper type: Case Study
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The case describes the challenges associated with building and maintaining a brand through promotional branding efforts. After reading the case study, address the following topics: Three key stakeholder groups—Qantas corporate interests, workers, and customers—provide qualitative commentary about Qantas and its recent marketing. How do their perceptions differ? Are there any areas of shared understanding or perception of the Qantas brand held by all stakeholders? While the sentimental narratives of homecoming and family reunion have been long-standing features of Qantas branding since the 1980s, based on the stakeholder commentaries presented here, the “Feels Like Home” campaign has failed to connect with many key aviation industry stakeholders. Why has this disconnect occurred? Identify the strengths and weaknesses in the “Feels Like Home” television campaign approach used by Qantas to re-invigorate the brand. A gap appears between corporate representations and understandings of a brand (the brand “identity” held by a company) and diverging stakeholder perceptions of brand (brand image) that can have significant implications for the success of an advertising campaign. In the context of this case study, how can qualitative analysis of these different commentaries help to shed light on the gap between “brand identity” and “brand image?” Summarize the major decisions involved in developing an advertising campaign. How might Qantas have approached its advertising campaign differently? Visit the Qantas News Room and evaluate the role of public relations (PR) as a component of the promotional strategy.


Qantas is one of the organizations in Australia that promotes a shared level of perception ad understanding amongst its different shared holders. It has a lot of support from its wide customer base, investors, the government, and even trade unions. The Australian Workers Union, which has a number of its workers at Qantas, exploits Qantas branding campaigns to highlight their status. Through their campaign “Fair Go to Qantas,” which advocates for the creation of a level playing field where all airlines have equal opportunity to compete, where none has an unequal advantage over another. Besides, the airline is a great ...
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