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Topic: Broader adoption of population health management
Subject: Healthcare Sciences and Medicine
Paper type: Research Paper
Style: APA
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Identify one approach that many hospitals are already doing that could facilitate broader adoption of population health management. This paper is to be in APA 6th edition format. The paper to be 10 pages of text. A writing assessment rubric will be used when assessing your paper. Text for the paper does not include title page, abstract or references. Each paper is to have a minimum of 5 refereed (scholarly) references. The textbook may be used, cited and referenced in the reference sheet but does not count as one of the minimum 5 references. These references should be 2010 to present. If the textbook is used incorporate concepts from class, Canvas and the text into the paper. The paper is to be written in 3rd person, with text double spaced in 12 font and with one-inch margins.


Population health management refers to the collection of patient data across various health IT resources, the appraisal of this information into a sole, usable patient record, and the activities through which healthcare providers are able to improve financial and clinical results. The introduction of PHM in the healthcare environment has resulted in a number of critical advantages that have improved financial and clinical outcomes. Population health management will streamline operational, financial, and clinical data while still offering working analytics for care providers, which is central to improved patient care and patient satisfaction levels. The adoption of PHM requires collaboration from different stakeholders and the redesigning of the healthcare environment systems in order to develop a capacity to implement individual-level and population-based initiatives, which will be based on improving health inequality and addressing social determinants of health. ...
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