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Topic: Annotated bibliography Innovation Project
Subject: Others
Paper type: Annotated Bibliography
Style: APA
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Compile an annotated bibliography of 3 resources you plan to cite for your Innovation Project. You should write this document in such a manner that you would feel comfortable showing it to your supervisor or colleague should they ask; remember that unlike as in academic writing, writing at work can suddenly find itself with a new and unanticipated audience. Be sure to include the following: 1. A summary of the resource. What critical information or argument is included? Is there a bias, shortcoming, or other quality that it is critical you keep in mind or that a future reader of your bibliography should be aware of? 2. How you plan to use this resource in your memorandum? 3. Does the resource raise any questions for further research? Each annotation should be at least one paragraph total. Find attached what the assignment is about.


The main discussion in the article involves human labour being replaced by technology. Moreover, the article also explores the efficiency of technology, conversely, studies have concluded that the “artificial intelligence (AI)” I better than the efforts put in by some humans. From the article, the author believes that in the future, education and training programs will be shaped to meet new demands. Human jobs continue to be at a risk considering that programmed devices are taking over. Workers with various skills and talents must accept the sad reality that the new technology will someday replace them in their work stations. ...
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