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Topic: lawrence kohlbergs three levels of moral development
Subject: Philosophy
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Discuss lawrence kolbergs three levels of moral development & include that three of your friends represent a different level in lawrence kohlbergs theory of moral development & your friends forgot to do their homework & ask you for the answers which you refused. what does each friend say to you


Lawrence Kohlberg states that moral development follows a three stage process. Pre-conventional level is the first stage which happens at the tender age of childhood. At this stage, a child’s sense of morality is totally controlled. The children, at this stage, accept and undoubtedly believe the rules that are set by their authority figures which are mainly the parents and teachers. At this stage, a child has not internalized the society’s definitions of what is wrong or right but he or she focuses mainly of the consequences of an action such as punishment for a wrongdoing and applauding for a doing what is expected....
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