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Topic: Who Won the Cold War Daniel Deudney and G. John Ikenberry
Subject: History
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I have to answer this questio. The so-called "Victory School" argues that President Ronald Reagan was the responsible for the United States "winning" the Cold War. Base your answer on the reading “Who won the Cold War” by John L. Gaddis, Daniel Deudney and John Ikenberry Mention and critically analyze 3 of the arguments proposed by the authors who criticize the triumphalist view that the United States won the Cold War. Do you agree with the authors' approaches? Explain. hello, the paper needs to have some type of personal opinion about the statements of the authors


The political hostility between nations characterized by propaganda, threats, and other measures except open warfare is referred to as the Cold War. The hostility lasted from 1945 to 1990 comprising of the Western powers and the Soviet bloc countries. This form of war began immediately after World War 2. Contrary to the belief that the US won the war through President Reagan’s carefully hatched polices. Deudney and Ikenberry sarcastically support the general opinion that the US won the war, they won the war without any battles and by only existing after the enemy had already dissolved. It is often believed that the US hardline policies affected USSR failure....
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