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Topic: Unsafe nurse staffing and patient missed care
Subject: Healthcare Sciences and Medicine
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A brief summary from the journal attached regarding specifically missed care impact on patients due to nurse staffing. Will need 1 apa cite. Just an FYI : This summary will be combined with 5 other similar summaries on the topic of unsafe nurse staffing for a capstone poster project. Once I obtain all the others I will order an abstract.


The article investigates some of the possible causes for the rate of preventable medical error-related deaths, which is presently estimated to be the third leading cause of deaths globally. According to Hessels et al. (2018), one of the principles causes of medical error-related deaths is missed nursing care. Missed nursing care leads to adverse patient incidences such as increased discomfort and pain, delayed discharge, variation in medication, and the occurrence of falls and new infections. Some of the critical nursing care processes often neglected are planning (71%), primary care and interventions (73%), and assessment (44%) (Hessels et al., 2018). ...
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