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Topic: Stress Test.
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Write a humorous essay that contrasts the ways in which men and women deal differently with the stresses of college life.  Narrow your topic down to one aspect of college life: writing papers, social life, commuting, takingmath tests, and so on.  (You may come up with your own narrowed topic.)


OR you may choose a different venue--e.g., going through the airport, or shopping--to display how men and women deal with stress differently.  Just be sure you narrow your topic down to one aspect of the situation, for example, going through security at the airport, or shopping for groceries.


Begin with a "quiz" that highlights the difference you are going to discuss.

Next, phrase your thesis statement in an ironic fashion at the end of your HOW TO SCORE paragraph.

Develop your contrast by offering at least three differences.

Illustrate your contrast by providing examples in quick succession.

Emphasize the differences by using hyperbole.

Conclude your essay with a paragraph that sums up the major points you have made.

End with a sentence that recalls a joke from the beginning of your essay.

Note 1: Look up the definitions of irony and hyperbole in a handbook, or dictionary.


Men and women respond differently to stress and the way they strive to cope with stress is extremely dissimilar. Key hormones that are vital in managing stress include cortisol, epinephrine, and oxytocin. In colleges, the key cause of stress in men is inadequate performance while that of women is unsatisfactory relationships. In men, the situation leads to low self-esteem while in college women, it compels them to forego their own needs to please other people. Stressful conditions make women to self-sacrifice and face several frustrating situations (Mindrup 107). Most men often become aggressive or abscond in case of such stressful ...
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