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Topic: Quantitative reasoning and society
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Reflect on your initial impressions of the texts.Consider the following as you prepare your post: What argument from Wheelan’s text do you find most surprising? What questions does the Wheelan chapter leave you asking? How do you foresee this course shaping your everyday analysis of ‘things’? Make a response post of at least 250 words


After I completed my statistics course, I felt that it had a decent grasp of formulaic and mathematical parts of statistics, but unfortunately I felt that I lacked the conceptual understanding of ideas. Thus I decided to pick up this book and read it. I hoped of improving this area of weakness. However, it was successfully in filling in the conceptual gaps of my understanding of statistics. Furthermore, Naked Statistics did a great job of demonstrating the real-life cases and examples of the theoretical content I had been exposed in the class. I found this very interesting since I enjoyed learning about the applicable and practical side of statistics....
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