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Topic: Mental Disorder and Crime
Subject: Law
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Assessment 1

Your written assignment should be 1,400-1,600 words and will account for 45% of the overall mark in the unit. The essay is due no later than 12 noon on February 26th, 2020 and the title is as follows:

Please write a comparative research review comparing a research journal article with media articles on the same theme. Within the comparative review you should focus on comparing and contrasting the academic value and content of each. The topic chosen must relate to a topic on the course, from either term. The academic research article chosen can be either from your reading list or another of your own choosing. However, it must be a peer reviewed academic article (i.e., it must be from a scientific journal).

Essay guidelines and planning your essay:

1. In approaching this question it is important to first describe what the key findings and approaches within each of your sources. However, be careful not to spend too much of the word count on this descriptive part of the piece.

2. There will be a workshop dedicated to this assignment in the second week of teaching in term 2. This workshop will include an opportunity to hear from your seminar tutor as to what we are expecting in this assignment. It will also give you the opportunity to ask questions about the assignment.

3. I recommend that you map out an assignment plan for yourself with a structure in place. Write down in bullet points for yourself what points you would like to put in each part. The main body of the assignment may benefit from having sub-sections.

4. You will not be expected to cover all possible issues. Therefore, it is recommended that you focus on 2-3 core points of comparison.

5. Your academic article should be compared to no more than 2 English language media articles.

6. Always evidence the points you make. While you will be comparing from your chosen sources the best answers will include engagement with other sources, where relevant, as well.

7. Your essay must be typed. Please use 12 font and 1.5/double spacing.

8. Students are required to use either Harvard or APA referencing.


The influence of mental health on crime and violence has been controversial over the years. While critics believe that mental illness causes crime, psychologists argue that majority of the criminals do not have a mental illness (Ghiasi and Singh, 2019). According to Kopel (2015), mentally ill people are the largest vulnerable population that is mostly victimized by crime. Reducing crime should first begin with reducing violence against mentally ill people. Despite them being a target, some types of severe mental illnesses increase the risk of people being perpetrators of violence. Untreated cases of mental illness have a significant influence on homicide and other serious crimes. In fact, Kopel argues that mental illness is often he more likely cause for mass murderers. Unfortunately, few mentally ill people receive the correct treatments as the mental hospital admissions dwindles with the rise of incarcerations. Some mass murders could have been prevented if the relevant authorities had known about the perpetrators’ mental illnesses. ...
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