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Topic: Fashion brands research
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Select two fashion brands that offer similar products but for different markets. In no less than 300 words, conduct research to compare and contrast their target market by using the four different market segmentation criteria (demographics, geographics, psychographics, and behavior). For example, you might compare the target market for a women's handbag from Prada with the target market for a women's handbag from Fossil. Here are the steps to complete: 1. Select a product from two different brands. 2. Provide an image of each product. 3. Research the target customers, so you can compare them using the following criteria: o Demographics o Geographics o Psychographics o Behaviors and preferences 4. Explain the rationale behind your analysis of these customers. 5. Please include sources used using MLA format.


Based on my findings, Samsung targets a wide range of customers who range from normal day to day usage devices to industrial standard equipment Moon, Hwy-Chang & Donghun Lee 17). The usual target group of customers usually range from 20’s to 50’s as long as they have the ability to purchase and use the products that it has to offer in the market at any particular time. However, based on the company’s segmentation criteria its IT and mobile communications target customer from 80 countries worldwide both in rural and urban settings. ...
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